eBay promises ‘can’t-miss’ deals if Amazon crashes on Prime Day (again) – Engadget

In fact, you might actually be crossing your fingers that Amazon’s servers buckle under the Prime Day pressure again. If the sale does force Amazon offline for a spell, that’ll trigger a bunch of “too-good-to-be-true” deals on eBay. As things stand, eBay says…
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Community helps out homeless McDonald’s employee after woman attempts to shame him on Facebook – Fox News

A woman’s social media post about a McDonald’s employee sleeping inside the restaurant recently went viral — just not for the reason she expected.
The picture, taken at a Fayette County McDonald’s in Georgia, was originally meant to shame the McDonald’s loca…
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Bank for International Settlements warns: Facebook’s Libra crypto project could pose risks to banks – The Block Crypto

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS), considered to be the central bank of central banks, has warned that Facebook’s planned cryptocurrency project, Libra, could harm the banking sector.
The BIS published a report on Sunday, saying that big tech comp…
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Windows Phone Could’ve Been Bigger than Android, Bill Gates Says – Softpedia News

The story of Windows Phone is about to come to an end, as Microsoft will retire the last version in December, leaving users with pretty much no other option that to finally make the move to Android or iPhone.
In fact, switching to one of these two platforms …
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Woman falls asleep on flight, wakes up ‘alone’ and ‘locked up’ in empty plane – New York Post

Oh, Air Canada!
Tiffani Adams was on her way home to Toronto after visiting a friend in Quebec when one of the best weekends Ive ever had turned into a nightmare.
She woke up in a cold, dark Air Canada jet a few hours after it landed at Toronto Internationa…
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